2.3% Device Tax in new healthcare reform bill




I need help with the spreadsheet portion of the assignment shown below. In essence, the spreadsheet needs to show example financial statements of a major medical device company and how a 2.3% tax on revenue under the proposed Obamacare Bill would affect a company. Essentially a before and after comparison.


Team Project – Health Care Reform Proposal

Decisions in the workplace are seldom made in isolation or by a single individual or department. That is especially true in health care and, in particular, health care finance. To provide students with the opportunity to simulate the collaborative problem solving processes used in typical workplaces, students will work with a team to identify and propose a solution for a health care reform issue that is directly or indirectly finance related.

You have six weeks to prepare and present your team’s proposal.
Detailed instructions are included in the Workshop One Course Materials.

1. The team’s solution must include the following:
a. 1,500 – 2,000 words, APA 6th ed. formatted paper that:
i. Introduces the issue;
ii. States the desired outcome(s);
iii. Discusses risks and other factors that must be addressed;
iv. Discusses quantitative and qualitative factors that bear on the decision making process;
v. Proposed solutions and supporting rationale;
vi. Anticipates and addresses opposing viewpoints;
vii. Conclusion
b. An Excel spreadsheet that supports your proposal.
c. A 10 – 12 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes:
i. A title slide that clearly states the issue being addressed and all members of your firm (i.e., contributing team members);
ii. Key points and proposed solutions detailed in the paper;
iii. Notes in the speaker’s note section elaborating on bulleted points presented on each content slide; and,
iv. A final slide with correctly formatted references for all sources used in the development of your presentation (i.e., APA 6th ed.).

Links: http://cosmoscon.com/2012/07/15/the-real-impact-of-the-medical-device-tax/