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Minimum 5 Paragraphs Islamic civilizations. Use sources and cite them, only in text citations are required.

A. A famous historian once said: “Many books have been written about ‘Islam versus the West,’ but at its foundation, Islamic Civilization is as much a branch of Western Civilization as Catholic Western Europe or Orthodox Eastern Europe. Conflicts emerge, not because they are different but because, like sibling rivals, so much alike.” What evidence is there to support this argument? Is it an accurate explanation of history? What events does it help explain? In what ways does Islamic Civilization, from the 7th to the early 21st century, fit this historical interpretation?
Respond to this in 5 paras in text citation only.
C. What were the five most important historical events or developments in the history of Islamic Civilization? What was the political, economic, military, cultural and social consequences of each one?
Respond to this in 5 paras in text citation only.
Books name is the Middle East 7th edition by Ochsenwald and Fisher