2 pages for each assignment without references paper apa required and proper writing

question A.

1) What are at least three takeaways from the Questions and Ethical Reflection video, which you think relate specifically to the readings for this module (ethical styles)? chapter 6 and 9.

2) In what ways will you be more considerate of your own ethical practice now and in the future? Explain your reasoning.


Question B.

Complete the stress profile on page 131 (printed version; in chapter 6) of the Geuras & Garofalo (2011) course text.

Follow the instructions to identify your score.

Think about your score (include it in the paper) and…

1). Reflect on your behavior “type” and how it might impact ways you approach ethical dilemmas and decision making. Give an example.

2). What are the 5-6 “takeaways” from this course that you will continue to ponder over and digest into the future? Give examples from the course materials.

Another way to think about this question is:

What will stick with you; What did you learn from the course that you may not have thought about (before participating in this course), which you will integrate and apply in YOUR ethical behavior as a professional, into the future?

note; begining of chapter starts from page 127.