Please read the following two articles by the due date. These articles discuss the problem of poverty and extremely low wages paid to workers in poor countries who produce goods for export to America. The Ricardian trade model, which we begin discussing next, will provide us with one framework around which to think about the question of how trade affects these poor workers and whether such trade should be prohibited or not.
Summarize the case made against importing products made with low-wage workers in the first article as well as the case made in favor of this kind of trade in the second article (one paragraph). 
Next, think about the following questions and write 1 or 2 short paragraphs, responding to at least 2 of the 3 questions.
Do you think a moral case can be made on both sides of the debate? Would you favor legislation to prohibit importing products made with child labor? How does your understanding of trade, based on the Ricardian trade model, affect your reaction to this controversy?
Submissions will be graded on the basis of completion and effort.
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