answer all four questions they require 2 paragraphs each

Answer each question with 2 paragraph and 2 paragraph means 12 complete long sentences

Question  1

Read the following scenario. Then respond to the questions below

Billy’s is a small locally-owned chain of grocery stores. There are three Billy’s locations with a total value of 6.8 million dollars in property assets. Billy’s is currently building one additional location worth 2.4 million dollars. There is also a centrally located warehouse used to ship and store bulk stock items.


Question 2

This week’s reading presented many types of surveys used to aid in the task of job pricing. In your opinion, what are the top three most effective types of surveys? Why?



Change is an ongoing process in the American workplace. Conduct research and identify two motivational techniques that are commonly used in your industry. Which of these two techniques do you feel is the least effective? What could you do to improve the technique?


Question 4

Of the three functions of money, which one do you feel is most important to you and why? Of the three functions which one do you feel is most important to the U.S. economy and why. Finally, of the three functions, which one do you feel is most important for the global economy and why?

Do you feel a barter system would work for you personally, for the U.S. economy, or for the global economy?