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Answer the following question by writing a short essay.

After popular uprising in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011, the United States government said it would spend $30 million to fund the development of new services and technologies designed to allow activists in other countries to get around Internet restrictions imposed by their governments.  Announcing the initiative, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “We are convinced that an open Internet fosters long-term peace, progress and prosperity.  The opposite is also true.  An Internet that is closed and fractured, where different governments can block activity or change the rules on a whim – where speech is censored or punished, and privacy does not exist – that is an Internet that can cut off opportunities for peace and progress and discourage innovation and entrepreneurship.” 

Should the U.S. government provide activists in other countries the tools to get around Internet restrictions imposed by authoritarian governments? 

Write your response and back it up using TWO different Ethical theories. Write one paragraph for each theory. Make sure that the first thing you write is which theory you are using for your argument. The following are the theories from where you may select two:


  • Kantianism
  • Social Contract
  • Rule Utilitarianism
  • Act Utilitarianism
  • Social Contract Theory
  • Virtual Ethics