answer questions by reading the article provided by the link and follow the rubric this is due in 1 hour

follow the link to the article and answer questions below :

Be sure to quote and reference your source, including use time markers (timestamps). For example, quote the speaker and include the time the quote was said, like this: Mayer said “So it looked like a legitimate news story, which one would ordinarily think had been checked” (26:46)

  • What was wrong with the original reporting on the Al Franken story? What were some of the ways it could have been improved to be more accurate?
  • How did technology play a role in news reporting in this case?
  • How can the average citizen be sure their sources are reliable? Use what you’ve learned about libraries and the spectrum of information when you answer this question.
  • Why do we still need libraries? Share the link you found that was most interesting (with the actual URL/ link included, please) and what you learned about the role of libraries.

see rubric below and course info you need to help you answer the above questions.

be aware that this is due in about 1 and half hours from now !