business 101

1. One solution I would do is to put him on a team where he would be more reliable for others and then he would hopefully change his ways since he has more people to take care of.

Another solution I would bring forth would be to put him as a leader and give him more responsibilities so he would feel more important and then would feel like he would be more valuable and stop drinking. Yes this is more riskier of the two solutions in the way that he could end up doing a worse job and performance, but I think it would be more beneficial towards the company. This is the path that I would choose since I think it would be more beneficial for the company and himself. 


2. The first solution to the problem would be to terminate him on the spot for disregarding the company rules in the handbook. Being under the influence at work is very unsafe and unprofessional. The second solution would be to sit down and have a talk with him, maybe give him some time to explain himself. Read the company rules to him out loud that he directly violated and make sure he knows what he did wrong. Then write him up with a warning and have him on a probationary period. The second option would be the best because if he was such a great employee the first three months, it would be a bad choice to fire him on the spot without trying to work through the problem.


3. To possible solutions would be to fire him or put him on probation for a while and give him a second chance if he does it again then he is gone. If i had to choose i would just straight up get rid of him because obviously he was trusted with this job and showed he was a great person for the job but then became very irresponsible and drank on the job. I would not tolerate drinking alcohol on the job weather its on break or not it should not be acceptable especially when you are giving such a good position even if it doesnt pay a lot. it is just not following the rules and having respect for your employer. Also being uner the influence your personality can change and you can become violent  causing the business to lose thier business of people or lose it all together or just plain obnoxious to others.



give a 3-4 sentences reply to each these answer!