child development discussion board pre natal class quot miracle of life quot film


  • Make sure to answer/comment on ALL questions. When you write on the topics, just write your ideas and feelings as they come into your mind. Your ideas don’t have to be in full sentences or in typical paragraph formation (therefore, no deductions for any writing/grammar errors). Write until you feel you have shared all your thoughts on the topic.

  • If your content is typed haphazardly, disorganized and/or does not reflect thorough and thoughtful consideration of the topics, it is at my discretion to score your log accordingly. Do NOT try to complete your log during lectures unless time is given in class. LATE writing logs (I day or more) will lose 5 pts minimum.


  • What about infants are you most curious about? What kind of contact or interaction have you had with any infants up till now? Please share their ages and the circumstances involved.
  • Describe the nature of the experiences you see yourself having with infants in the future (i.e. parent, educator, etc.).


  • After watching the “Miracle of Life” and lecture discussions, what fascinates you most about the human reproduction process in general? What did you learn that you didn’t know before? What do you find most unique or fascinating about the conception process of your opposite sex?
  • What feelings do you have about contributing to conception and become a biological parent? If you are one already, reflect back.

MAKE SURE you answer ALL the parts!! No plagiarism, but make sure to reference the film “Miracle of Life” for part B! Please write up at least 15-20 sentences and make sure each question is answered. The film “Miracle of life” is free online as well. She is very strict, so please do it right. By the way for part B, the second question, I am not a parent yet!