Country Project II


Country Project: Part II:  (a total of 100 points)


a.    A separate cover page: Your Full Name, MU-ID, Assigned Country

(1 points)


A separate content page: Table of Contents with page numbers

(2 points)


 A separate summary page: A brief executive summary of your project

(2 points)


b.    Based on your research in Part I, Sections 1 through 5 and your experience (if any), narrate your opinion on the following issues: How compatible is the culture of the assigned country with USA in terms of (i) technology-infrastructure, (ii) economy, and (iii) business customs.

(45 points)


c.     Select a consumer product (physical goods, e.g., t-shirts, bottled water, smart phone cases, etc.) of your choice to export to your assigned country.  Based on your research in Part I, discuss in detail socio-cultural, economic, and technical barriers you may face when exporting the selected product to the assigned country. (40 points)


d.    Your project Part I and Part II must be typed, single-spacing, using MSWORD with Times New Roman, font of 12.  Check for any grammatical/spelling errors, typos, etc.  Also, be sure to organize Parts I and II using appropriate headings, subheadings, etc.  10 points)

Important Notes: 

1.  Both Parts I and II must be typed using Times New Roman, font 12, single-spacing

2.  For Part I, Sections 1 through 5, cite references properly (including WWW, etc.) in Bibliography at the end of the project.

3.  Part I, Sections 1 through 4 MUST be in an outline format; no essays permitted.  

4.  Part I, Section 5 must be in a paragraph format with brief explanations

5.  In Part II, you must use a paragraph format; use appropriate headings/subheadings to organize Part II.

6. The above instructions are for your guidance.


7. If you have not been assigned any country, please contact me immediately. No matter, it is your responsibility to make sure you have been assigned a country for your project.


Each student has been randomly assigned a specific country for Country Project. Please do not change your assigned country.  If you do not see your name below, it is your responsibility to alert me IMMEDIATELY via Blackboard email.



Due Dates:


Country Project Part I: Due June 28, 9pm


Country Project Part II: Due July 5, 9pm


No extensions!!!