Criminal Justice Assignment

Pick one of the following crimes and do research on it.

1.         Sexual Assault – statutory rape


2.         Sexual assault involving person in position of trust


3.         Electronic enticement over the Internet


You are to pick a jurisdiction within the United States and another international jurisdiction.  Research and find the following information:


1.   When and why the laws were instituted in the United States and another international country? (When was the law first enacted?)


2.   What are the specific laws that apply (reference statute and number)?


3.   How are the laws different?


4.   How are the penalties/punishments similar and/or different?


Remember you are comparing the laws and the penalty!


Reference your sources for the exercise.


*** If you choose to do a different law than what is listed above, it must be a crime against person (not a property crime).


Must be in MLA format with references.