csc123 assignment 2

A bank wants a program to calculate the service fees for its customer’s in each month.

There are two account types: commercial and personal. Each kind of account must pay a flat

fee of $10.00 per month, plus an additional fee depending on the number of checks written.

These fees vary based on the number of checks and account type, see the table below.

Commercial Account: $0.10 each for less than 20 checks

$0.08 each for 20 through 39 checks

$0.06 each for 40 through 59 checks

$0.04 each for 60 or more checks

Personal Account: free if the number of checks used is less than 20

$0.07 each for 20 through 50

$0.10 each for 51 or more checks

You program should ask the user to enter an account number, an account type, and the

number of checks written. Think about how these need to be converted (if at all). An account

type of c or C means commercial account; an account type of p or P means personal account.

Any other letter should be treated as an error and should inform the user. Your program should

output the account number, type of account, number of checks written, and the amount due for

service fees that month.

All output needs to be labeled and money should look like money.

Make sure you have the documentation header in your assignment, you will receive no credit for

this assignment if it is forgotten.