describe how the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner would apply cognitive behavioral therapy asessement and treatment approach to the care of a client with a mental illness address each of the following topics use these topics as headers

Address each of the following topics (use these topics as headers, please): 1) For whom would this approach be appropriate? 2) What is the research evidence supporting the use of this approach/therapy? 3) What are the characteristics of this approach/therapy? 4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this approach/therapy? Please include at least three current, peer-reviewed research-based references.

APA format. write a 500 word (not including references) . you must include a running head, pagination, a title page, a brief general introduction to your topic (the method you review), subheadings for each of the questions, a summary/conclusion, and a reference list. Your title page and reference list are not included in your word count. Do not include an abstract.