Easy 2 pages response paper need in 16 hours. The PPT will help u to understand more.

We have been discussing and reading about the relationship between the mind and body. I would like for you to each write a response to the following two questions. Please reference the syllabus for instructions on format. Your critical thinking answers must reflect concepts from the classes held up to date and your general knowledge as well. If relevant, you can also include your or others’ life experience to defend your arguments. Your response should be 2 pages. 
(1) Describe a stressor currently impacting you. Please specify your understanding of the origin of the stressor (2 POINTS), any factors that seem to make it worse — including factors in your natural, work, school, family, or social environment (2 POINTS), and how it impacts your daily life (2 POINTS).
(2) Describe any physical symptoms associated with the stressor. Please be specific and identify the system you feel is impacted (e.g., your immune system, muscle tension, appetite, etc.) (3 POINTS). Describe techniques you might use to lessen the physical impact of the stressor (3 POINTS).