Final Report

As this course comes to an end your final assignment will be to recommend an appropriate organizational change at Desjardins as of 2012.  Based upon the case first introduced in Week 1 Assignment 3, prepare a final paper that discusses the following information:

    • Discuss which of the six types of OD interventions (covered in W4A2 assignment) were undertaken at Desjardins between 2008 and 2012.  Identify aspects of each intervention that were successful and those that were less successful.  For those that you consider successful, support your reasons for their success.  For those that were less successful, discuss how they could have been better implemented.


    • Identify and describe the organization structure/process change activities conducted by Desjardins between 2008 and 2012.  Analyze why the change was necessary, what the change was, how it was affected, and the impact of the change.


    • Develop a list of six recommendations you would provide Monique Leroux on actions that could be used in 2012 to make change more successful in the future. Identify three people issues that may have occurred between 2008 and 2012 and develop two recommendations for each issue on what could be done to mitigate the outcomes for people moving forward. For example, one issue related to people was the apparent lack of support for the changes and the impact that lack of support had on employees.


    • Assuming you were hired as an OD consultant for Desjardins in 2012, discuss the Anderson and Anderson nine step change process (discussed in the W4 online lectures) you would follow in implementing change.


    • Develop a vision statement for Desjardins as of 2012 and defend its viability.


    • Explain how you will move the organization through the four steps of communicating change that were discussed in this week’s online lectures.


    • What communication strategies will you employ to ensure the change is successful?


  • How will you measure and evaluate whether your change is successful?

Keep the tone formal but engaging. You may use charts or other graphics to support your analysis.  Support your answers with appropriate research, reasoning, and examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.