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After studying John Cotton’s writing, reading some of Anne Bradstreet’s poetry, and watching some discussions on Puritanism, Anne Bradstreet, and understanding poetry, your job will be to annotate one of Bradstreet’s famous poems entitled “Verses upon the Burning of our House, July 10th, 1666.”

Watch the YouTube tutorial on annotating a text. I also suggest clicking here and seeing what you are expected to do, only in the manner seen in the YouTube video. Then, download the file attached here. Using the commenting function as explained in the YouTube video, annotate the poem. Draw out key passages using the comment function. For full credit, be sure to comment on at least five passages from the poem, explaining how the passage contributes to the poem (50% of grade). Please see the example attached here.

Once you finish annotating the poem, move to the second page and answer the question in approximately 200 words. Assignments will be checked for plagiarism, so be sure to comment on it using your own words and thoughts (50% of grade). Be sure to integrate quotes into your response and use in-text citations.

Click here (Opens in New Window) for a review on how to cite poetry in-text.

This activity should take about 30 minutes and will assist students in meeting the following objective:


1. Student will be able to annotate one of Anne Bradstreet’s poems in order to demonstrate their understanding of the poem and Brastreet’s concerns.

This will help you think about:

1. How Americans cope with loss.

3. What role religious and moral values play in survival.