history essay 6 pages

Please read instructions carefully as they are all important

This is History assignment for my medieval intellectual European history class.

In this class we learned about Aristotle, Plato, Seneca, and many other Philosophers during the European times.

For this specific assignment we need to be focusing on Seneca.

The prompt question is:

Why is the virtue of mercy so important in Seneca’s theory of monarchy in On Mercy?

On Mercy is the book that you will need to use for this assignment to answer the question above.

The only sources that may be used for quotes and evidence will only be from the notes that I will provide and the book On Mercy

I repeat ONLY use the book On Mercy and my notes for quotes and evidence. Also, there are his lecture power points that have quotes that can be used that I will attach below, BUT these quotes in the power slide should only be used very minimally. Mainly use quotes from the book On Mercy.

I will also be attaching the book On Mercy down below in a PDF form. Also double check with me that the link to the notes, power point, and pdf book all work.

When using quotes as evidence in the essay make sure to explain the evidence and make sure it all relates back to the question

Please look at the slides it should help with understanding what he wants on the essay

This is a shareable link to my notes of the whole class until now:


There will be notes of things that are on other subjects so if you can just search up words in my notes that will be relevant to this assignment.

Now I will write down KEY important things for the essay:

Each paragraph should be organized around an idea or theme or argument.

Every claim made in the essay should be backed up by evidence from the given sources and cited MLA format.

Clarity of expression is crucial. Please make sure to be clear in your statements.

Make sure the writing flows from paragraph to paragraph

Also make sure your thesis statement is in the intro paragraph

Make sure there are no grammar errors, spelling errors, and factual errors.

This essay must be MLA font

Please feel free to ask me as many questions as needed so that I can help assist you in making this essay the best as possible. The person grading this is strict and I would like to clear up any confusion that you may have.