I need a social media analysis paper

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Analysis paper #1: Social media analysis paper

500 words


For your this analysis paper, choose a social media artifact produced by a single writer and analyze it for its effectiveness. You could select an individual twitter feed, a Facebook page, a series of Vine videos, a Kickstarter campaign, an Instagram account, a Pinterest board, or a Tumblr page. While you may choose any example of social media you like, the more successful analysis will investigate a social media site with a clear agenda. A Facebook community committed to an agenda or project, a Kickstarter campaign raising money for a specific project, or a Twitter feed espousing a clear social or political point of view will be more successful than a Pinterest board with a vague purpose. Unlike the previous assignment, do not select an entire website such as Facebook, but rather one particular user or group’s output on such a site.

Like the previous assignment, take carful note of what the user is trying to accomplish and how well this is accomplished. Consider the following questions when approaching your chosen text:


Does the user have a clear goal or agenda with their social media use?

How well is this achieved?

Does the user conform to the conventions of their chosen social media platform?

If they do not, consider how the user defies convention and whether this deviation is deliberate or accidental.

If the social media platform uses writing, what are the writing strategies the user employs? Are they effective?

If the platform employs images, video, and/or sound, are these employed? Are they used effectively?

How does the user employ rhetorical strategies (ethos, pathos, logos)?