Knowledge Management (2)



Elements of KM System

Measures of Effectiveness (Rubric)

Arch details of 2 KM Systems

Comparison based on rubric



The assignment was to describe the elements of a good KM system; this includes strategic issues and technical issues (which didn’t address the technical side).


This part of the assignment needed to look at the elements of the system and develop a rubric or metric to evaluate KM systems to see if they are capable of performing the KM task, I really missed this part of the assignment.


The purpose of this assignment was for me to develop an understanding of how to go about selecting an appropriate KM system, the paper started by describing the elements of the system. Then the paper was suppose to develop a measurement rubric (which was missed), then there was research available off the shelf systems (this was missed also) and compare their architectural elements (data repositories, platform, connectivity services, capabilities, KM services, user interfaces, etc.) (Also missed), then evaluate the two systems based on the rubric that was developed – this is the same drill someone would go through if they were tasked with procuring a KM system for an organization. Overall the paper really missed the mark on most of these requirements.


No sub-headings to help organize the paper – this could be why so much was missed of what was required. Then again, I didn’t specify that in our last session. Thanks Kim