media pluralism


This forum is dedicated to the topic of the media pluralism.

Please, choose one of the issues related to it and using the course materials, the textbooks and your personal research, write a post (500 – 700 words) highlighting its most actual and/or controversial aspects.

Due Date : 21 feb


In addition, choose the posts of 2 other students and for each of it write a short critical feedback. The feedback should demonstrate your understanding of the topic and aim to complete and/or correct the content of the post.

Extra (voluntary) task: please feel free to reply to the feedbacks that your colleagues write to your posts.

Due Date: 27 feb

Please note that:

  • If you cite any type of material, the references and sources must be clearly indicated;
  • No plagiarism will be tolerated;
  • If you do only part of the assignment, you grade will be affected accordingly.