philosophy essay 59

You’ll probably have to do a little research. Use reputable resources, preferably academically vetted articles. By that is meant journal articles in scholarly publications. If you use media, then please use mainstream media for this; e.g.:publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Weekly Standard (on the conservative side), Time (also a bit onthe conservative side of things), National Review,etc. Do not over-quote, but always use quotes and facts as part of your argument. The paper should begin with a strong inductive argument of the kind we have discussed in class. It can be more elaborate—have more premises — than the one or two we have dealt with, but not much more. Treat the first paragraph like a thesis statement. The statement should be direct, to the point and be less than a page in length. The ensuing points in the rest of the paper should support the argument.

You can expand on the premises in the paper. It is best to look at the premises as the basic structure of the following paragraphs. Each paragraph or two (or three depending) discusses each premise.