Please complete a written reflection of about 1000 words. (Full question in description below)

Please do not answer if you will not be able to find relevant quotes and references from philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Please complete a written reflection of about 1000 words. Choose a person’s biography either from the present day or an historical figure and show the turning points in their life.  Indicate at which age these occurred (e.g. noting moon nodes, crisis points)and the relevance they have to the seven year phases of development.  As you describe a new phase of development explain the main essence and features of each one as outlined by Rudolf Steiner and support these statements with some relevant quotes from your reading. Can you highlight from this person’s biography qualities that were developed at each of these phases?


Some questions to consider:


(a)          crisis points

(b)          moon nodes

(c)          What life theme runs through the biography?

(d)          Which questions repeat themselves?

(e)          What are the strengths which they owed the happy and unhappy circumstances they went through?

(f)           Who were the people who contributed to their development either consciously or unconsciously?



You will be assessed according to the following criteria:




1. To apply the understanding of life phases to a range of situations

1.1 Analysis of the main differences between the features of the seven year phases reflects key developmental concepts