please review the short case below and write as per rubric attached below

Please review the short case and write paper as per Rubric attached below applying it into six steps of decision making model. ( 3 PAGES APA)

“Examine and predict best practices for decision making”. For this assignment, we will use a tool that assesses your effectiveness in examining and predicting best practices for decision making, by using the Critical Thinking Rubric. Review the Rubric to understand clear expectations. Apply the Decision-Making Model to a case of your choice from the text.


Factory Conditions

Many companies in the past, including Gap, have been criticized for not monitoring factory conditions. To address the criticism, the firm set standards for its manufacturers and developed a thorough factory inspecting system. Gap’s vendor compliance officers (VCOs) inspect factories around the world and check compliance with Gap factory standards. These standards include suppliers not employing anyone under the age of 14 and factories not permitting physical or nonphysical abuse. Gap will terminate its business relationship or require the factory to implement a corrective action plan if this code is violated. In fact, since 2003, Gap has closed some 200 factories due to persistent or severe violations of standards.

FOLLOW THIS 6 Decision-making model STEPS

A six-step process for arriving at a decision that involves (1) classifying and defining the problem or opportunity, (2) setting objectives and criteria, (3) generating creative and innovative alternatives, (4) analyzing alternatives and selecting the most feasible, (5) planning and implementing the decision, and (6) controlling the decision.