project one feedback

Submission Feedback

List all open ports and the common service name for the port for port numbers that are less than 600

That is not the file name that was downloaded. You provide the file extension – but you have not decoded the file.

Port 3389 is not RDC – you are looking at the ports under 600

Those are not the commands used.

Once you identify the correct port under 600 (there are 6 total) follow the TCP stream and you can see the commands.


You are still listing ports greater than 600. You have to list the port number AND service name. You have not identified all of the open ports below 600.

You have not answered the questions set forth in the assignment – Brute Force, Scanning and Data breach questions.


Incorrect number of ports – only ports under 600 need to be documented and you missed some of the ports.

I don’t see all of the questions addressed. Please keep the answers in the same format as the questions.

don’t assume the reader will understand what the screenshot is depicting. You have to explain it to the reader.

Make sure the screenshot is an appropriate size so the reader can make out the details.