Project Part 1 & 2 Done as 2 separate assignments

Using the management fundamentals you have learned throughout the course, you will select a company and create a proposal for implementing a new wellness program within that organization. This project is designed to allow you to think strategically about the audience or end users of your proposed plan as well as consider the various stakeholders involved in the project that will need to approve and facilitate your plan. You will need to consider the strategic reasons for implementing a wellness plan and how this plan will help your chosen company achieve greater profitability. As you research other companies’ implementations of wellness plans, you will be better able to form recommendations for the organization you have chosen
Course Objectives Tested:
2. Develop an organization chart for a company in the standard triangle and inverted triangle modes, and differentiate between the two from a management process perspective.
3. Analyze the process of motivation using X versus Y and more modern theories.
4. Compare the benefits of different spans of management control given different conditions that confront the organization and its managers.



Project Part Text or Details

1. Consider that you are a management consultant and have been asked by your client to propose a management plan for creating and rolling out a new or completely revised wellness program. Your client can be the company you currently work for or another company you choose.

2. Conduct research using the ITT Tech Virtual Library on how to create an effective wellness program management plan. Consider the industry and any other internal/external factors that may influence how you propose your wellness creation and management plan.
3. Draft your proposal using a planning, organization, leading, and controlling approach.
4. Submit Part 1 of your proposal for initial review and feedback in Week 3.
5. For Part 1, create the following for the Planning and Organization sections of your proposal:
a. Rationale for New or Revised Plan
b. Feasibility Study
c. Chain of Command
d. Organizational Chart
e. Project Plan




*********PART 2*******


1. Finalize your wellness program by creating andsubmitting your final, client-ready wellness program management plan, including the sections below:
ï‚· Program Focus
ï‚· Program Goal-Setting Theory
ï‚· Program Goals
ï‚· Personality Inventory Analysis
ï‚· Team Dynamics
ï‚· High-Level Communication Plan
ï‚· Value Chain/Ratio
ï‚· Process/Planning Controls