quot joy quot by zadie smith

“Joy” by Zadie Smith

“The Case for Working with Your Hands” by Matthew B. Crawford

FINAL DRAFT DUE (4 full pages).

In her essay, Smith describes a “persistent anxiety” that impacts “everyday” life (1). Crawford also describes the “dark absurdism” of the modern workplace (1). Both essays discuss finding pleasure and joy in this world. What is true joy? Is joy in the workplace possible? What do both authors suggest about the importance of joy in life? How does “pervasive anxiety” affect both authors (Crawford 2)? Where and how do they find joy? How can people overcome “pervasive anxiety” to find happiness in modern society?

For this assignment you should:

  • Develop a clear thesis that directly responds to the assignment question. Avoid summarizing the essays. Your ideas are the foundation for your essay. Use the texts as evidence to support your arguments.
  • Define the arguments from both essays and relate those ideas to your own position. You do not have to agree with the authors, but you do have to show me that you understand what they are saying.
  • Effectively utilize quotation throughout your essay to expand and support your position. Aim for six quotes in total, three from Smith and three from Crawford. Aim for a quote from each author in each body paragraph.