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ADM (A Different Mirror) Reflection Reports


A report comprised of responses to the questions below is due at the end of each week of the term through week 8, and must be no longer than one-and-a-half single-spaced, type-written pages; be concise. Do not summarize. Instead, comment on the materials read in ADM. Express your thoughts, questions, and concerns about the material read. Limit lengthy direct quotes; try to convey the material in your own words. Each reading assignment covers more than one chapter, so respond to events/issues from all chapters read. Do not focus on a single chapter to the exclusion of others. Synthesize information from readings to demonstrate familiarity with the material. Each report reflects on a single week’s readings; you do not have to reflect on readings from a previous week unless it is relevant to comments pertaining to the week at hand. Reports will also serve as reference notes you should consult throughout the term for discussion ideas and to complete other assignments. Demonstrate an ability to think critically in your report.

Each week respond to either prompt #1 or #2; not both. Indicate your response by number only; avoid repeating the prompt. (6 pts.)

  1. Report how the information read impacts your awareness of the subjects; that is, did you acquire more details about something with which you are familiar, or is it new information? Provide illustrative examples.
  2. In what ways did the readings change your thinking about the subjects and issues addressed? Again, provide illustrative examples

I have attached the supporting articles for the paper. When in comparision please be specific to the article you’re comparing to. (He’s super annoying and picky) After accepting the question I will give you access to the book.

Each week respond to question #3 below (in addition to one of the above). Again, indicate your response by number only; avoid repeating the question. (9 pts.)

  1. How do key concepts and theoretical ideas presented through lecture, videos, and required supplemental readings posted in D2L, relate/connect to the events and issues read in chapters of ADM? Here you must also demonstrate comprehension of key concepts and theoretical ideas presented.

Each report should contain two responses: #1 or #2, and #3. Up to 15 points may be earned for each report. Evaluation of the report will be based on how:

  1. responses to #3 must correctly apply key concepts and theoretical ideas introduced in L/D where relevant and demonstrate comprehension via brief explanation or example
  2. synthesize information derived from ADM (in #1 and #2) and relate it to other course materials covered during the week (in #3)
  3. express concisely how course materials impact your thinking; reinforcing old beliefs or generating new ones (all prompts).