Religion (500 word minimum) (Assignment for Tendeney)

Write about the Mormon or Later Day Saint(LDS) faith. Keep to facts; traditions, customs, beliefs and so on.
The report does not need a thesis, but instead
provides information for further study on the movement. The report will be divided into seven s
ections (each roughly one paragraph each.)
1) Origin of the Religion (Brief Founding History)
2) Community
3) Creed
4) Code
5) Cultus
6) Avenues for Further Research
7) Conclusion
Keep in mind this will be the topic for a research paper later in the class, that I plan on having you do for me, so keep sources and other materials availiable and I will get the instructions for this assignment to you asap. Thanks again Tendeney!
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to research a group.