RESEARCH PAPER: Using Animals In Research- MLA Style

I have a research paper and the topic is about ” Using animals in research ” NO PLAGIARISM. I WILL CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM.


.********** I am looking at the change in use of animal testing over time, especially last 50 years. also, I am supporting the positive sides of using animals for so many reasons.

NOTE: Requirements for the Research Paper
• Approximately 5 pages long, double spaced, 12 pt type (this includes the Works Cited at the end, but Works Cited should be single spaced).

• Must include at least 6 sources (more is fine), no more than two from websites.

• Wikipedia is not an appropriate source, but is a great research tool to help you find other sources.

• Paper should include…
o ...a title
o …your name
o …date submitted
o …an introduction that specifies your research question
o …your findings (with parentheticals in text)
o …analysis of your findings
o …suggestions for further research
o …a Works Cited page
You will only be doing one draft of this paper, so be sure to check it over carefully before submitting it. Spelling and sentence construction will be factored into your grade.