respond to classmate 1 week 1

Respond to your colleagues by visiting the websites they shared and offering additional examples of EBP or alternative views/interpretations to those shared in your colleagues’ posts.

Samira Abdi

RE: Discussion – Week 1



According to Titler (2008), evidence-based practice is the conscientious and judicious use of current best evidence in conjunction with clinical expertise and patient values to guide health care. Nurses are at the forefront in implementing the best evidence-based practice to provide the best possible care to their patients. The healthcare field has been changing and expanding very fast in the last few years, so we must make changes to the practice and care we provide to our patients to stay current.

Healthcare organization website review

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a nationwide public health agency that controls and prevents disease in unites states and around the world. The CDC falls under the department of health, which is a cabinet-level department that protects the health of all Americans. The CDC protects against dangerous health threats and responds when they occur (CDC, 2019).

Evidence-based practice utilization

According to the mission and role of the CDC, they use science and advanced technology to prevent disease.This CDC uses evidence-based practice by either doing research or using modern technology to implement new techniques to prevent illness or be well prepared in the case of an epidemic.

Grounding in evidence-based practice

The CDC collects data from hospitals through state agencies to report the saw called notifiable diseases. This law mandates health care facilities to those diseases to identify its source, transmission, and further transmission. The data collected is then analyzed, and the results used to prevent future outbreaks by using new evidence-based practices in science and technology as well.

Perception of a healthcare organization

My perception of CDC is not that changed, but I didn’t know it fell under the department of health and human service. I also didn’t realize the CDC was an international body that prevents diseases in the united states but worldwide. The CDC does a great job of protecting many childhood illnesses by implanting very effective vaccines. They also work hard to contain the transmission for an infectious disease such as the current outbreak of the coronavirus.


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