Risk Analysis and Matrix

Purpose of this Exercise

This activity provides you the opportunity to apply a risk analysis to a specific technology solution.  It directly supports the following course outcomes to enable you to:

·         evaluate information systems and enterprise solutions to determine the best fit to enable the organization’s strategic outcomes

·         use information technology tools and techniques to support business intelligence gathering and decision making

·         apply information technology best practices and methodologies to create information technology solutions


Using the Case Study and the IT solution proposed (see attached file named: CaseStudyStage_1) complete the risk analysis matrix (last page of attached document). 


1.     Briefly describe your proposed IT solution. 


2.     Complete the Risk Matrix below:, describing for each Area of Risk:


a.     Explain each are of risk and describe how that area applies to your proposed IT solution for the Case Study,


b.     the probability (High/Medium/Low) of its occurrence,


c.     impact (High/Medium/Low) on the organization if it does occur and


d.     a strategy to mitigate the risk. 


The paper should be 2-3 pages in length, providing a brief description in a paragraph followed by the matrix table provided, that you may copy/paste into your file and then complete.  Do not limit yourself to the space shown in  the table, but provide complete answers for “Description” and “Strategy for Mitigation.”