Seminar 1

Watch Chapter 2: Emotional Branding from the PBS documentary “The Persuaders,” and answer the Seminar questions.

Source:  Chapter 2:  Emotional Branding.  “The Persuaders”.  PBS Frontline.  Retrieved from  

Think back over the course of the last few days. Consider where you went and what you did. Now, try to remember any advertisements you may have seen. These might be on typical settings, such as billboards or television, or ads online or in your e-mail inbox. They may also appear in less obvious places, such as logos on clothing or in the background of a movie.

  1. What was advertised and where did you see it? Can you remember the images and the products being advertised?
  2. Is advertising effective? Why or why not? What does the pervasiveness of advertising say about our culture?
  3. The film discusses how marketers seek to appeal to consumers, specifically through creating loyalty and a sense of membership. Do you know anyone who feels this way about a product or a possession? What does this say about the product or possession?