Sociology (for Baber Makayla)

our typed responses should be taken exclusively from the assigned reading, any relevant class notes that can assist in your response, and your interpretation of the assigned material.
No outside research or sources are required. Your written responses should be approximately one-two paragraphs per question (i.e. 4-8 paragraphs total), but of course can be as long as you feel necessary to answer the questions adequately.
Be sure to include all of your group member’s names on the document and submit it, through Canvas, prior to 11:00 PM on September 14th Only MS Word documents will be accepted for credit. This includes “.doc” and “.docx” file extensions.
The following readings will be included on this assignment: DelSordi- chapter 1 (online), Schaefer- chapter 1 (p. 1-21), Schaefer- chapter 2, 

1) DelSordi-1 & Schaefer-1: Explain the cultural trend in America of “declining social capital.” What distinct changes are causing this decline and what are its consequences? Finally, how would “functionalists” and “social conflict” theorists explain this problem differently and understand how this problem arises from different sources?

2) DelSordi-1: According to your reading, what is positivism and how does it seek to understand society? How is positivism inadequate in understanding the complexity of the human condition? Finally, how does postmodernism offer a newer means by which we can understand cultural and social change?