strengths based leadership reflection paper

Overview: In 2-3 pages, use your Strengths Based Leadership assessment and what you read in pages 1-95 to critically reflect on where you are as a leader, how you got there, where you want to be, and how you plan to get there. Specific aspects that should be included: your five leadership strengths, what you believe to be some of your weaknesses, your future goals as a leader, and your core values you will lead by to help guide you in your career.

Review of Strengths

  • Lists and describes strengths along with corresponding theme from SBL book.

Review of Weaknesses

  • Lists and describes what you believe to be some of your areas of improvement as a leader.

Future goals and core values

  • Lists and describe leadership values and future goals as a leader in the sport and recreation industry and how they will use these tools as a manager in the field.

Only need to help me write the third part: future foals and core values.

Attachment section contains unfinished paper, and personal strength based leadership report.