watch the video and answer the 4 question

This first virtual lab asks about your pre-conceived ideas and attitudes about evolution, rather than testing factual information that you have learned in the class.

First, watch the following animated short video from TED (Links to an external site.)on myths and misconceptions about evolution (address of web link posted below in case the link doesn’t work). (Links to an external site.)

Then answer the following questions about your own experience with evolution and anthropology. There are no incorrect answers, but responses should be complete and thoughtful.

1.Do you think you had a solid understanding of the theory of evolution prior to starting the course and before watching the TED Talk video? Were any of the misconceptions of evolution presented in the video surprising to you? Which ones?

2.What is your own personal experience with learning about evolution? Were you taught about evolutionary theory in school? At what grade level?

3.What do you think it means to be human?

4.Tell me one question or idea regarding evolution, physical anthropology or human biology that you have been curious about, and that you hope to have answered this semester.