writing movie essay

chose one of these movie

The Big Short
The Insider
The Informant
Lord of War
Margin Call
Owning Mahowny

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (documentary)

write 4 to 6 pages,

Synopsis of the film; describe and analyze the fraud/crime committed in the movie
Overall white collar-theme of the film
Description of the protagonist(s) and the dilemma he/she/they faced
Personality, conduct, and motivations of the perpetrator(s)
Components of the Fraud Triangle may be present.
Application of other fraud theories, as appropriate
What harm resulted and who were the victims?
The specific offense at issue, including applicable laws
How was the offense prosecuted, defended, or adjudicated or how might it have been?
Also ,consider:
Victimization and victim psychology
Moral ambiguity and societal response
Immoral and/or illegal conduct
Other observations or responses