written assignment needed asap

Assignment 2: Develop a promotion plan for the UNO College of Business. 

You are asked to develop a promotion plan for the UNO College of Business. Do this for one year. To say “use radio” is not enough. Tell me what radio stations, e.g. WWL, you suggest and a schedule of commercials, also what is the total cost. Another example would be to have high school students attend basketball games free of charge. Tell me what games on the schedule you are going to invite high school students and what high schools by game. Document sources. Give references. Document sources and references, e.g., person interviewed at B97.

Outline for Assignment 2:
Target Market – limit your target market to persons living in the New Orleans Metropolitan Areas. These are Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, Plaquemines, St. John, St. Charles, St. James and St. Bernard. Define your target market, e.g. high school seniors, the general public, parents of high school students, the business community.

Promotion Mix (use all below in detail)
Personal selling
Advertising, put social media in this section (cost of medium)
Sales promotion (costs)
Publicity (no money costs here)
Networking (people-to-people) – Read Lesson 16

Total Cost of Promotion


APA Style and need reference page with it